AAS Minor

Blend Your Studies With the AAS Minor to Gain Multicultural Competency

Our minor program welcomes students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. By blending professional area studies (e.g., English, science, history, law, and more) with AAS, our students emerge better-equipped academically in preparation to enter a multicultural workforce.

In addition, our courses fulfill many general education requirements and can increase graduation rates. Through the lens of AAS, you can take courses that address the impact of race, history, culture, class, gender and sexuality, and learn how these factors shape institutions, identities and social relations. The skills you will gain, such as persuasive writing and critical thinking, can be beneficial for diverse career pathways in both the public and private sectors.


Degree Program Data

Minimum Units
Applicable GE Courses

AAS Curriculum Provides Unique Opportunities for Engaging With the Community. 

Asian American Culture AAS 218, young man point at a location on a globe

AA S 218: Asian American Culture

Students learn ethnic values and cultures in Asian American culture, using Asian American arts, languages and literature. At the end of each semester, students put together a collaborative public performance known as POP!, which is supported by the University’s Instructionally Related Activities grant.

Filipina/o American Literature, Art and Culture AAS 352, staked books in a library

AA S 352: Filipina/o American Literature, Art and Culture

Students examine diverse genres of art and literature primarily written in English about Filipina/os in the United States, the Philippines and in diaspora. Funding from the Instructionally Related Activities grant supports a public literary production at the end of the semester.

Asian American Children’s/Adolescent Literature AAS 512, teacher reading a book to her young class

AA S 512: Asian American Children’s/Adolescent Literature

Students enrolled in this course have the option of producing their own fictional storybook for preschools and middle schools. This course is also designated as a Community Service Learning (CSL) course, and students have the option of working with organizations such as The Association of Chinese Teachers (TACT).


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To view the full course list, please visit Minor Pathway.

Planning Sheet Forms

To help you fulfill the major in AAS education requirements, please refer to the fillable Minor Planning Sheet.

Supervision Course Forms

To enroll in an AAS supervision course, a registration form is required. Please fill out and email completed forms to your instructor. Add codes will be released to you upon review/approval by your instructor. Be sure to use the add code to enroll in the class online before the add deadline.

AAS Major/Minor Declaration!

Download the Asian American Studies declaration form.

To Meet with an AAS advisor, please contact:

Available Advising Centers 

Ethnic Studies Advising Center
The Ethnic Studies Advising Center (ESAC) serves all Ethnic Studies majors/minors and all students taking courses within the College with their academic, professional and personal goals, from the time of admission to the time of graduation. 

Advising Hub
The Advising Hub is a one-stop-shop of all advising needs to ensure students are on a successful path to graduation with support from General Education and minor advisors. 

Undergraduate Advising Center
UAC is the home base for freshmen during their first year and undeclared major students at SF State.

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors Are Available to Provide Guidance

Please contact aas@sfsu.edu for additional questions or concerns.  

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