SF State Asian American Studies Purpose Statement

Continuing the legacy of Self-Determination and solidarity, we — the first Asian American Studies Department — teach and research about Asian Americans as we mentor students and engage community to support liberation with love and hope.

Since Fall 1969, the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University has furthered the understanding of the histories and cultures of Asian Americans and the various identities and experiences of our communities. Through teaching, community service and research, we use interdisciplinary approaches to address the structural and ideological forces that shape the lives of Asian Americans. We support self-determination by developing the creative expressions, voices, critical pedagogies and analyses of our communities. Social justice, equity and activism within Asian American communities and respect for differences, especially ethnic diversity, are fundamental principles that guide our work.

Core Values:

  • Hope
  • Liberation
  • Love and Respect
  • Racial and Social Justice/Centering the Margin 
  • Self-determination, Agency and Sovereignty 
  • Solidarity and Unity