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Student Activities & Events partners with students to support organizations and clubs, facilitate programs and events that create community, develop the whole person, and foster a deep sense of connection to each other and our campus. Welcome to your Student Life Experience at San Francisco State!

Alpha Kappa Omicron Sorority

Alpha Kappa Omicron Sorority (AKO) is a Pilipino American sorority based on the history, traditions and culture of the Philippines. This sorority is dedicated to the development of community awareness, self-empowerment, and academic excellence. Each Individual is enriched through community involvement, strong leadership, and achieved success in a higher educational system. A Sisterhood dedicated to making the lessons learned today, helpful tools for tomorrow with one mission, one vision, one Sisterhood.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Eric Pido

Asian American Christian Fellowship

The mission of Asian American Christian Fellowship is to reach into the university and collegiate community, primarily to those who are Asian Pacific Americans, with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Russell Jeung

Asian Student Union

Our mission is to assist the Asian American community by providing individuals with the tools, knowledge and leadership abilities to enact positive change within the community. We strive to bring awareness of the many Asian American struggles to the public eye and believe that a comfortable and fun teamwork environment stimulates learning ability and desire to aid the community. Building friendships and providing networking abilities are essential as we venture out into the world.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Lorraine Dong, Russell Jeung, and Wesley Ueunten

Chi Rho Omicron (XPO), Inc.

Founded in 1995, Chi Rho Omicron focuses on the histories and teachings of the Filipino culture.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Daniel Phil Gonzales

Chinese Language Flagship Society

“The Chinese Language Flagship Society” aims to bring Chinese language speakers from all levels, and those who have interest in Chinese culture and the Chinese language together to enrich their exposure and education to these subjects, and to aid language learners and those wishing to pursue careers involving a foreign language, especially Chinese, to develop more exposure to environments using the language outside of the classroom.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat is a team water sport that displays the combination of synchronization, power and endurance. A full race boat consists of 1 drummer in to front of the boat, 1 steers man in the back, and 20 paddlers. The goal of a dragon boat race is to ASSERT YOUR DOMINANCE by using your impeccable timing, strength, and technique to flex how your boat finished 0.02 milliseconds ahead of all the other boats. Unlike other sports, in dragon boat you are LITERALLY "all on the same boat" so everyone is responsible for moving the boat forward. In dragon boat, you'll learn the value of effort and teamwork. We are a community of individuals who all have a passion for paddling and we hope we can share that with you. History corner: The sport of dragon boat first originated in Southern China but later became popular in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States. Every year there are major international festivals held in places like Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Macau. These festivals allow teams from all over the world to come together and compete. Dragon boat isn't just a sport, it’s a lifestyle! Eat, train, paddle, race, repeat!

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Japanese Student Association

SF State's Japanese Student Association (JSA) creates an opportunity where individuals may congregate and discover similarities between cultures, all while creating connections and friendships through a variety of events that we hold that aim to introduce and celebrate Japanese cultural and cultural influences. We welcome any and all individuals regardless of Japanese language proficiency.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Judo Club

The Judo Club at San Francisco State University is dedicated to teaching the traditional art of judo to students. To create a nurturing place of trust, integrity, order, fellowship, cooperation and respect for others. To provide the opportunity for each person to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually in order to gain the skills, confidence, and discipline needed to maximize their potential and foster their growth in the learning of Judo. The Judo Club provides the opportunity for all students at San Francisco State University. The mission set before us is to offer a well-rounded instruction in all aspects of Judo.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Kappa Psi Epsilon

Established at SF State on March 13, 1999, Kappa Psi Epsilon (KPE) is NOT your typical sorority. Our sisters strive to succeed in academics, enrich themselves as well as others in culture, work actively in the community, and build relationships with organizations and community members while maintaining the strong foundation of sisterhood that our founding mothers have laid for us. We are a Pilipina-based sorority who takes pride in empowering women and promoting our motto “Find Your Inner Strength” because, only after finding this strength, can we truly find our place in the community we serve.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Allyson Tintiango-Cubales

Korean Student Association

We are an open student organization on campus with a purpose to share Korean Culture with both international and native students. We mainly focus on sharing Korean Culture, holding events and Korean Language.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Grace Yoo

League of Filipino Students

The League of Filipino Students at SF State focuses to deepen our understanding of the concrete connections between Filipinos in the United States and in the Homeland by studying and propagating the rich and proud revolutionary heritage of our People’s continuing struggle for liberation and National Democracy. We take it upon ourselves as youth and students to renew our Filipino culture and history, define our present situation as Filipinos all over the world, come to a proper understanding of how to remedy our current condition, and take action.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Allyson Tintiango-Cubales, Irene Faye

Malaysians in America Student Association

The Malaysian Student Association (MASA) will serve to increase public awareness of Malaysia and to introduce the multi-cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Malaysia to all SF State students with an interest in understanding Malaysian culture. In addition, MASA will also serve as a support group and a place for new existing Malaysian students, staff and faculty members in SF State to socialize and to achieve unity.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Pacific Islanders Club

The Pacific Islanders’ Club is committed to building a strong academic community for its members, the students of San Francisco State University and other Pacific Islander organizations. With education, hospitality, and support, we promote the knowledge, culture, and strength among ourselves, and the many islands of the Pacific.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Phi Gamma Chi Sorority

We’re a sorority that strives to create a foundation in which every sister realizes the unlimited achievements and opportunities that life has to offer. This unique sorority strengthens its members by offering ways to better understand themselves and all they can become. The sorority maintains focus on the attributes of Stability, Survival, and Sisterhood in order to achieve success within the individual, organization, and community.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Allyson Tintiango-Cubales

Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor

In 1967, amidst the political and social consciousness sweeping the nation, Pat Salaver sought the aid of Pilipinos at then, San Francisco State College (SFSC) to arouse awareness and address the problems facing the Pilipino American Community. Under the guidance of Pat Salaver and original members Bob Ilumin, Ronald Quidachay, Orvy Jundis, and Alex Soria, PACE, initially called Philippine American Collegiate Endeavor, was established. Soon after the formation of PACE, in unison with other organizations of color, students at SF State worked to create the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF). Through this coalition and help from outside progressive organizations and faculty, the TWLF moved for reform in the academic curriculum of the college. A shutdown of SFSC soon followed, the longest student strike and known as the 1968-69 SF Student Strike was in effect. Programs benefiting low-income and minority students like EOP and SAA were some of the rewards organizers gained from the strike. The movement’s greatest legacy, however, was the nation’s first and only School of ETHNIC STUDIES. For 44 years, the Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor continues the legacy of our founders, addressing issues that affect the Pilipino American community, educating members about Pilipino culture and history, and providing academic support both at the high school and college level. We offer and organize different programs through our various departments, encouraging interaction within our community. PACE is a safe space to learn and educate others about pride in our majestic Pilipino culture and community. The Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor welcomes everyone in the SF State community; the world challenges you to learn about yourself and your history.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Daniel Phil Gonzales and Eric J. Pido

South East Asian Student Association (SEASA)

The South East Asian Student Association at San Francisco State University exists for the betterment of the Associated Students, San Francisco State University, as a whole. The purpose of this organization is to unite South East Asian Students to create a voice on campus, preserve our rich cultures, and bring about social change in our communities by: (1) involving ourselves in the community for support; (b) create visibility of cultural, historical, and social awareness at SF State and in the surrounding area; (c) network with Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese, and other South East Asians, as well as those interested at SF State and in the community.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): Jonathan Le

Taiwanese Student Association

A student org designated to promote Taiwanese culture to the existing student body. We focus on hosting gathering events for people to join and have fun, and promoting the Taiwanese culture to community on San Francisco State and beyond.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association creates a safe and engaging place for Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Americans. A center of learning about the culture, history, and creating social ties.

Constantly creating braver spaces for all.

AAS Faculty Advisor(s): N/A