Yuki Obayashi

Yuki Obayashi

Yuki Obayashi 大林由季, Ph.D.

Email: obayashi@sfsu.edu

Lecturer Faculty Biography

After receiving her bachelor's degree in English in Japan, Professor Obayashi studied as an international student at the master's program in SF State's Asian American Studies, where she is working as a lecturer faculty. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in Literature at UC Santa Cruz, with a designated emphasis in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She has taught multiple classes on Asian American history and literature, critical race studies and Japanese language and literature at SF State, UC Santa Cruz and CSU Monterey Bay.

  • Ph.D. University of Califonia, Santa Cruz, Literature (emphases in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies) 
  • M.A. San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies
  • M.A. Japan Women's University, English
  • B.A. Japan Women's University, English (minor in Japanese teaching)

Professor Obayashi studies 20th/21st-century literature and film of Japanese and U.S. empires of the Pacific. She looks at the Pacific, especially the Marshall Islands, as a contested space of the imperial rivalries.

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