Robert A Fung

Robert A Fung

Robert A. Fung, 馮灼倫, Esq., JD

Emeritus Lecturer, Asian American Studies Department
Office: EP 412
Phone: (415) 338-1796

1990 Year of first appointment in Asian American Studies

Emeritus Lecturer Faculty Biography

  • JD New College of California School of Law
  • MA Goddard-Cambridge Graduate Program in Social Change, Concentration: Law and Public Policy
  • BS University of California at Davis, Applied Behavioral Sciences-Community
  • 210 History of Asians in the United States
  • 211 Contemporary Asian Americans
  • 213 Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions
  • 320 Chinese in the United States
  • 510 Asian Americans in California
  • 595 Asian American Communities and Public Policy
  • 681 Asian American Community Changes and Development
  • 865 Asian American Community and Public Policy

Chinese Historical Society of America, Board of Directors (1996-91, 2006-09; President 1996)
Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc., Board of Directors (1986-91; President 1988-90)


“Lesson from the Past: Tape v. Hurley.” Chinese Historical Society of America Bulletin 40.5 (May)


“Through âWatered Glasses’: Perspectives and Commentary on Wong Kim Ark (1898).” The Yellow Journal 9/10 (2000): 150-164


“Introduction.” The Repeal and Its Legacy: Proceedings of the Conference on the 50th Anniversary of the Repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Acts. San Francisco: Chinese Historical Society of American and Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University. 1-12


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