Mai-Nhung Le

SF State AAS Department Chair Mai Nhung Le DrPH

Mai-Nhung Le, Dr.PH.

Professor, Asian American Studies Department
Office: EP 412
Phone: (415) 338-6161


Faculty Biography

Dr. Mai-Nhung Le is Chair and Professor of the Asian American Studies department at San Francisco State University. She teaches courses in Asian American history, Vietnamese American experience and identity and Asian American community and health issues. 

She earned a Bachelor’s degree from UC Davis, a Master’s degree in Public Health from Yale University, and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. She is an Asian American social scientist whose research focuses on social, cultural, and structural influences on health. Her research has contributed to our understanding of how race, ethnicity and social class impact health among communities of color — with a focus on the Asian American community. Dr. Le has conducted extensive research on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in both Asia and the United States. She served on the Advisory Committee for the Bay Area Asian Pacific Islander Women and HIV Working Group, and was the founder of the Women's Program at the Asian AIDS Project, which provided HIV and women's health information to female Asian Masseuses in San Francisco. 

Over the past decade, Dr. Le has developed strong personal and professional interests in cancer research and intervention. This focus has informed her research agenda, and led to many notable achievements. Dr. Le has published and presented extensively on issues related to Asian Americans and cancer, particularly on cancer survivorship. She has worked with and served as an advisory board member for community-based organizations such as Asian American Cancer Survivor Network and Asian Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network.  

  • Dr.PH. University of California at Berkeley, Public Health
  • M.P.H. Yale University School of Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health
  • B.A. University of California at Davis, Art Studio
  • 211 Contemporary Asian Americans
  • 370 Vietnamese in the United States
  • 373 Vietnamese American Identities
  • 591 Asian American Community Health Issues
  • 875 Asian American Community Health Issues


SFSU Public Research Institute RIMI Fellowship


SFSU Cesar Chavez Institute MRISP Fellowship


Special Populations Network Grant, National Cancer Institute


National Cancer Institute Grant


Henrik L. Blum Distinguish Social Action Award


UC Berkeley Block Grant and Southeast Asian Grant


GOP Fellowship


Wellness Fellowship


Yale University Southeast Asian Grant

  • Asian and Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network, National Advisory Council
  • NICOS Chinese Health Coalition, Community Connection Program
  • Academic Senate (2014 - 2017)
  • Academic Policy Committee
  • AAS Dept Hiring Committee


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