Dehua Zheng

Dehua Zheng

Dehua Zheng 鄭德華, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Asian American Studies Department
Professor, Chinese Department, Social Sciences and Humanities
University of Macau

Lecturer Faculty Biography

  • MA Zhongshan University 中山大學, People’s Republic of China
  • BA Zhongshan University 中山大學, People’s Republic of China
  • Overseas Chinese and Qiaoxiang  僑鄉 History
  • Hakka People Culture and History
  • Macau and Hong Kong Culture and History
  • History and Culture of South China
  • Recent and Modern Chinese History


Outstanding Writing on Overseas Chinese History Award, The National Association of Overseas Chinese History, People’s Republic of China


Best Screenplay on the Theme of Overseas Chinese, People’s Republic of China


Research Fellow, Asian American Studies Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Outstanding Writing in Social Sciences Award, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China



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  • “A Study on Qiangxiang Culture of Lingnan and the Diversification Cultures in One System of China” 近現代嶺南橋鄉文化與中華文化的一體多元. Study on Yanwang Culture 炎黃文化研究. Ed. Wang Jin Yi 王俊義. People Publishing Co. 大衆出版社. 48-57. First published in Huaqiao and Huaren 華僑與華人2 (2008): 58-64.


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