Professor Russell Jeung releases new memoir


AAS faculty Russell Jeung releases his new memoir, At Home in Exile (Zondervan 2016), on October 4, 2016

This  memoir shares his harrowing stories of his life in East Oakland’s Murder Dubs neighborhood—including battling drug dealers who threatened him, exorcising a spirit possessing a teen, and winning a landmark housing settlement against slumlords with 200 of his closest Cambodian and Latino friends.

Asian Americans Remembering the "Comfort Women"



On October 6, 2016, a day long teach in on "Asian Americans Remembering the 'Comfort' Women'" featured activists and scholars involved in Asian American community issues.

Throughout the day,  these activists and speakers spoke to  Asian American studies classes on the importance of remembering "comfort women."  They also spoke on the need for the Japanese government to take  responsibility for the military sexual slavery of more than 200,000 women and children during WWII. 

Activists and scholars included the following:

AAS Students and Faculty Welcome Back Fall at Angel Island

Students and faculy attended a day long welcome back retreat at Angel Island in August.  The retreat was intended to foster students continued interest in the history of the Angel Island Immigration Station. The retreat was also conducted to plan for service learning opportunities that will provide education and resources for the community on the Angel Island immigration experience.