MA in Asian American Studies

Contact: Wei Ming Dariotis, Ph.D., AAS MA program coordinator at

MA Program:

The Master of Arts degree in Asian American Studies is designed, through disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiries and analyses, to provide students with a critical knowledge of the diverse Asian American communities. Students in Asian American Studies are encouraged to study a modern Asian language other than English.

Career Options for Graduates:

The MA degree can be used to:

  1. Enhance work in the Asian American communities; (2)
  2. Provide career opportunities in the Pacific Rim; in academia, and in the public sector;  
  3. Prepare for graduate studies or other professional degrees (e.g., MSW, MPH, JD, PhD).

Some of the doctorate programs that have admitted our MA graduates include: Alliant University, Claremont Graduate University, Michigan State University, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz), University of Hawai'i at Manoa, University of San Francisco, University of Texas (Austin, San Antonio), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Utah, and University of Washington.

Required Courses, Units, and Grades:

The Master of Arts program consists of thirty units in five modules. No more than six units are allowed in Directed Reading or Special Study or a combination of both. A student must perform satisfactorily in the first year of graduate study by maintaining a minimum grade of “B” in all courses taken toward the graduate degree or be subject to dismissal. CR/NC units are not acceptable for the degree. A graduate student in good standing must maintain a “B” (3.00) GPA throughout the course of study.

For more details about the required courses, including module information and classes, click here.



Admission to the Graduate Program:

Applicants must meet the general requirements for graduate program admission at San Francisco State University. Students apply for admission to both the Division of Graduate Studies at San Francisco State University and the Asian American Studies Department. At the university-level, applicants must demonstrate completion of their undergraduate degree with at least a 3.0 GPA.

At the department level, applicants will be evaluated on:

  1. how the MA in AAS will contribute to their personal and professional goals;
  2. their background in Asian American Studies;
  3. their record of community service or student activism;
  4. their topic or specific area of interest; and
  5. their research, writing, and analytical abilities.

Applicants must also demonstrate an undergraduate proficiency equivalent to three of the following five Asian American Studies courses offered at SF State University: AAS 320, AAS 330, AAS 350, AAS 360, AAS 370, and AAS 510. If judged deficient in undergraduate preparation, the student is required to take additional courses to meet the minimum requirements and to seek additional program advising.

In addition to submitting the required paperwork to the Division of Graduate Studies, the following items should also be sent online:

A personal statement covering points (1) to (4) above

  • A writing sample demonstrating research, writing, and analytical skills covering point (5) above
  • A copy of all transcripts (this is in addition to the set submitted to Graduate Studies)
  • Two letters of recommendation

Submit the following online to the link below:

MA Applicants go here to apply:






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