Valerie Francisco-Menchavez


Dr. Valerie Francisco-Menchavez

Assistant Professor, University of Portland. Department of Sociology and Social Work

Ph.D. in Sociology, City University of New York, M.A. in Sociology, City University of New York
B.A. in Asian American Studies, SFSU


What was the best part of your experience in Asian American Studies at SFSU?

The best part of my experience in the Asian American Studies department at SFSU was the opportunity to bridge activism to academia. The department welcomed and fostered an environment that allowed for me to connect my passion for community organizing and scholarship on Filipino American studies.

How would you describe your personal, academic and/or professional growth, during your time as an Asian American Studies major/minor at SF State?

The Asian American Studies department allowed me to envision and enact a plan to become a community engaged scholar. Because of the faculty members and my peers in the department, I was able to braid my personal, political and academic aspirations towards my pursuit of higher education.

What is something you learned in Asian American Studies at SFSU—a tip, a technique, a way of thinking—that you still use today?

I still use many of the pedagogical skills I learned from my professors in AAS. As a professor, I continue to create a classroom that speaks to students' mind, body and soul. 

Finish this sentence:  In Asian American Studies at SF State, I discovered... subjugated history as a Filipina American and an Asian American. I discovered a community of people who honored that history as a platform to act, resist and organize. I discovered my role as someone who can help shape and make Asian American history.

Who was your most influential SFSU Asian American Studies professor and why? 

Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales' innovative pedagogy and commitment to Asian American Studies allowed me to see myself as someone who could also affect change as a scholar, community organizer and Pinay.

What was your favorite Asian American Studies class at SFSU?

Asian American Studies class was AAS 363: Filipino American Literature

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