Square and Circle Club Internship Award Application Due Friday, February 10


The Square and Circle Club Civic Engagement Internship Program is pleased to offer a total of $1,000 in stipends for Spring 2017 SFSU students enrolled in AAS 688. The purpose of these stipends is to support student volunteerism and service in the Asian American community. Please note the following stipulations:

1.     Interns must be full-time SFSU students (7+ units);

2.     Interns must be currently enrolled and/or have completed at least one Asian American Studies course.

3.     Interns must be enrolled in AAS 688 with upper division or graduate standing, and under the supervision of an AAS faculty.

4.     The internship must be for a minimum of 100 hours (i.e., 3 units).

5.     The internship must be with a ULINK 49 approved organization that has a mission to serve the Asian American community.   Students also must also show proof of registration with ULINK49.

6.     Only one internship stipend per community organization per semester.

7.     Stipend checks will be issued by Square and Circle Club upon completion of AAS 688 and the internship.



Click here for the application (Doc). 

Attach to the application: a completed AAS 688 Enrollment Form, proof of registration with ULINK49 and an updated transcript to the Asian American Studies Office (EP 103) Friday, February 10th at 5pm.


Past Awardees

Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014


Spring 2014
  • Pyxie Castillo,  Filipino Community Center
  • Jason Jay,  All Power to the People Archive
  • Jessica Li,  Pinay Education Partnership (PEP)


Fall 2013
  • Anthony Chan,  NICOS Chinese Health Coalition 
  • Fatima Orcno,  Pinay Education Partnership (PEP)
  • Hieu Phan,  Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage & Performing Arts (SEACHAMPA)
  • Michelle Richardson,  Vietnamese Youth Development Center
  • Estela Uribe, Diasporic Vientamese Artists Network


Spring 2013
  • Josue Bernardo,  Filipino Community Center
  • Yiting Deng,  NICOS Chinese Health Coalition 
  • Lynna Din,  Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage & Performing Arts (SEACHAMPA)
  • Da Ling Ma, Chinese Culture Center
  • Sara Matsumoto,  Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California