Special Course Projects

TACT-AAS Biography/Curriculum Project

In 2010, The Association of Chinese Teachers (TACT) published Crossing Boundaries: Asian and Pacific Islander Americans by Irene Dea Collier and Lora Meilin Collier, and illustrated by Janine Macbeth.* From this book sprung the TACT-AAS Biography/Curriculum Project where AAS students at San Francisco State University work with TACT members to continue adding more APIA biographies and curricular ideas to the ones already published. The final goal is to create a website of APIA biographies and curriculum units for K-12 teachers to use in their classrooms. In AY 2012-13, under the supervision of Professors Laureen Chew (AAS 699), Lorraine Dong (AAS 512), and Jeannie Woo (AAS 320, 510), students created K-12 biographies and curriculum units. Some of these works were presented at the Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Celebration at the Main Library (2014) and Merced Branch Library (2013) in San Francisco. Below is a sample of their works-in-progress. 
*For copies of Crossing Boundaries, please contact Irene Dea Collier atid_collier@yahoo.com, with the subject heading “Crossing Boundaries.”

Past IRA-funded Course Projects

In the past years, the university’s Instructionally Related Activities grant has funded student productions in the following AAS classes:

  • AAS 372 - Vietnamese American Literature
  • AAS 514 - Asian American Community Arts Workshop (formerly AAS 304)