Solidarities Past and Present: From the '68 Strike to Now

"Solidarities Past and Present: From the '68 Strike to Now,” featured plenary at the Association of Asian American Studies conference in San Francisco, March 31, 2018, co-organized by SF State AAS faculty, Simmy Makhijani, Anantha Sudhakar, and Interim Dean of College of Ethnic Studies, Amy Sueyoshi.
Laureen Chew (TWLF ’68 Striker) moderated four generations of Asian American organizers, including strikers Daniel Phil Gonzales and Penny Nakatsu, veteran organizer Pam Tau Lee, and next generation organizers Sammie Ablaza Wills and Shannon Deloso,. Reflections from Karen L. Ishizuka, a movement scholar, accented the proceedings.
Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the 1968 SFSU student strike, this plenary addressed the way “fierce alliances” served as a key strategy of the 1968 strike. This intergenerational conversation brought together original strikers and organizers from the 1960s with contemporary activists and scholars to explore how current movements for racial justice on campus and in our communities extend, adapt and deviate from the lessons of self-determination that animated the 1960s.
From Left to Right: Tina Chen, Simmy Makhijani, Shannon Deloso, Laureen Chew, Karen Ishizuka, Sammie Ablaza Wills, Pam Tau Lee, and Dan Gonzales.