Annual Graduation Banquet

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The Annual AAS Graduation Banquet

The Asian American Studies graduation banquet began in May 1998 with a class of ten, the department’s first BA class. It was simple. AAS faculty invited only the graduates to a Chinese dinner in the Sunset district. The 1999 graduation celebration was held in the same manner.

May 20, 2000 was the first AAS graduation celebration that involved event planning by AAS students with Professor Lorraine Dong as their faculty advisor. AAS used its Access and Retention funding to pay for a catered, buffet-style sit-down dinner, and each graduating senior was given a table of ten for their family and friends. 

The Annual AAS/ASU Graduation Banquet

In 2002, AAS students and the Asian Student Union decided to hold their graduation banquets jointly. Associated Students, Inc. and the AAS Department became and continue to be the key co-sponsors.

The AAS/ASU graduation banquet serves as the graduating students’ personal thank-you gift for family and friends. This annual event has an average budget of $20,000 for 300 attendees. Comprised of only students with faculty advisors (Professor Wesley Ueunten joined Professor Dong as a faculty advisor in 2011), the Graduation Planning Committee plans the entire event and fundraises throughout the year so that all AAS and ASU graduates can throw a big party of appreciation for their family and friends.