Other Publications

In alphabetical order according to author.

CHOY and LAI (1972) - Outlines


H. Mark Lai and Philip P. ChoyOutlines: History of the Chinese in America. San Francisco: [AAS at SFSU] Chinese-American Studies Planning Group, 1971.

Chinese Language Publications

LEUNG Pui-Chee - Chinese Education in USA (2014)

Meiguo Huawen jiaoyü luncong

Pui-Chee Leung. 美國華文教育論叢 [Essays on Chinese Education in the United States]. San Francisco: Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University/Beijing: Zhongguo Huaqiao chubanshe, 2014.

1988 A Study of Nan Yin and Yue Ou

Nanyin yü Yueou zhi yanjiu: A Study of Nan Yin and Yue Ou

Pui-Chee Leung. 南音與粵謳之研究: A Study of Nan Yin and Yue Ou. San Francisco: Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University, 1988.