Nikkei Pilgrimage to Angel Island

Angel Island Pilgrimage Flyer

Students at Angel Island

Students at Angel Island Resting

Graduate Students at Angel Island

With support from the San Francisco State University Edison Uno Institute,  130  undergraduate students, including 15 volunteers, from SFSU’s Asian American Studies courses attended the first ever Nikkei Pilgrimage  to Angel Island held on October 4. Presented by the Nichi-Bei Foundation, and in partnership with the National Japanese American Historical Society, and the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, the program aimed to bring to light the forgotten history of the over 85,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans who first set foot on the continental U.S. on the shores of Angel Island.  Students from Professor Ben Kobashigawa, Assistant Professor Christen Sasaki, and Instructors Betty Kano, Kei Fisher, and Dean Adachi’s Asian American Studies classes were treated to a program that included a talk on the Japanese American experience by Judy Yung, and a guided genealogical workshop hosted by the California Genealogical Society.