Jerry Dear

Jerry Dear

San Francisco Public Library – Librarian/Information Strategist
City College of San Francisco – Instructor (Library Information Technology)

PM.L.I.S. (Library & Information Science), 2004 

M.F.A., Writing, 2001
B.A., Asian American Studies, 1997
B.A., English – Creative Writing, 1997


What was the best part of your experience in Asian American Studies at SFSU?

Learning about the Asian American experience through history, art, and literature.  The curriculum was uniquely dynamic, challenging me to look beyond existing narratives and histories.  

How would you describe your personal, academic and/or professional growth, during your time as an Asian American Studies major/minor at SF State?

I fostered a deeper understanding of how strong an influence the mainstream media impacts and shapes our ways of thinking—whether it’s through the news, films, books, or some other medium.  Stretching my scope of experience and understanding of ideas from other perspectives enabled me to appreciate and respectfully engage with opinions contrary to my own.

What is something you learned in Asian American Studies at SFSU—a tip, a technique, a way of thinking—that you still use today?

When tackling new topics or issues, think critically and creatively.  Question and challenge norms and existing stereotypes.  Look beneath the surface for hidden meanings, for what is not said is just as important as what is.  When taking a stance, defend it with evidence and conviction.  Finally, when appropriate, channel your thoughts into writing.

Finish this sentence:  In Asian American Studies at SF State, I discovered...

There are often alternate points of view to consider before drawing conclusions based on what you are told, read in a book, or see in the media.  This also applies to the insightful viewpoints shared by our professors!

Who was your most influential SFSU Asian American Studies professor and why? 

Lorraine Dong. A highly inspirational and engaging professor, Lorraine challenges her students to question everything – including her own ideas and interpretations.  She wields a knack for cutting through all the academic jargon to explain concepts comprehensibly with compelling flair.

What was your favorite Asian American Studies class at SFSU?

I enjoyed AAS 322 (Chinese American Language & Literature), and I later cultivated an even stronger interest in AAS 512 (Asian American Children’s/Adolescent Literature).  

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