Congrats to our MA graduates in Asian American Studies

Congrats to our MA graduates!

The following MA students in Asian American Studies graduated with the following theses/field studies:

Spring 2017

Katie Quan, M.A.  Thesis Co-Chairs  Valerie Soe & Wesley Ueunten

Stomping Grounds: The Effects and Affects of Youth Activism in San Francisco Chinatown

Bianca Louie, M.A.   Thesis Chair Russell Jeung

Queer Asian American Christians: Redemptive Reclamation and Subversive Imagination

Desun Oka, M.A.   Thesis Chair Christen Sasaki

The Politics of Comfort Women in Asian American Memory: 1970-2015

Francis  Wong, M.A. Thesis Chair  Wesley Ueunten

Exploring Asian Improv


Summer 2017

John DeGuzman, M.A.   Thesis Chair  Mai-Nhung Le

A Glum Smile:  Protective Factors that Influence Depressive Symptoms among 1st generation Filipino American Adults

Allen Ocampo, M.A.        Thesis Chair  Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

Mindful Bites:  Culinary Acts of Love, Resistance, and Hope

Greg Pancho, M.A.     Thesis Chair Grace Yoo

Caring for a parent from diagnosis through death:  An exploratory study of grief, caregiving, and loss among young Pilipin@ Americans