Cindy Sacramento-Enriquez


Cindy Sacramento-Enriquez

Senior Web Producer, Sprocket Media

B.A. in Asian American Studies, SFSU, 2001



What was the best part of your experience in Asian American Studies at SFSU?

The best part of my experience is having opportunities to learn more about my Asian American community and history, whether through a creative process (poetry writing, book and film creation), field experience (lectures, film, festivals, field trips), collaborative (group projects, group sharing, presentations), or research (reading, homework, papers).

How would you describe your personal, academic and/or professional growth, during your time as an Asian American Studies major/minor at SF State?

I have grown to appreciate my community even more, and question my doubts regarding self-identity, race, and my own existence. I feel more empowered as an Asian American.

Professionally, Asian American Studies made me more aware of the changes that need to be done in our society as a whole. I always have a purpose in mind of applying my awareness and knowledge creatively at work. I have also informally educated my own family and peers regarding some issues that our community faces so that they too can be aware. I constantly strive to make sure that the work I produce do not perpetuate stereotypes in any way, or that my work helps and impacts my community and others.

Finish this sentence:  In Asian American Studies at SF State, I discovered...

…that we need to continuously use our voice and not be apathetic, so that our government leaders provide necessary services for our own survival, and write just laws to protect us from discrimination. I also discovered that change starts at the individual level so we all have to strive, contribute, influence, and pass on our knowledge for the betterment of the Asian American community and society.

Who was your most influential SFSU Asian American Studies professor and why? 

Every professor I had is equally influential in my life. I can pin-point something specific that I learned from each of them and they are all different but equally important in shaping my life. I love them all.

What was your favorite Asian American Studies class at SFSU?

I think my favorite class (and also the most memorable one) was Asian American Women with Wei Ming Dariotis. It was more intimate with a smaller group. We also shared a lot of experiences, had an opportunity to be creative, and learned a lot about my classmates on a more personal level. Plus, homework was fun! 

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