Award Winning Author Faye Ng visits AAS Class

Professor Anantha Sudhakar had the pleasure of hosting author Fae Myenne Ng in her "Introduction to Asian American Literature" course this March. Ng listened in as students discussed and debated their interpretations of the title of her novel, Bone (1993)Ng also shared a short reading of the book's dramatic opening pages. This award-winning debut novel took Ng ten years to complete and was inspired by her childhood in San Francisco's Chinatown, spent among the aging generation of paper sons who arrived to America during the Chinese-exclusion era. Ng discussed the importance of capturing our community's stories, and encouraged students in the class to do the same. When several students shared that they also write for fun, Fae reminded them to have pride in their creativity. "Don't think of it as writing for fun," she insisted. "Think of it as writing for real."