Angel Island Community Service Learning engages AAS students

On May 7, 2017, the Asian American Studies Department, in conjunction with TACT (The Association of Chinese Teachers) and the San Francisco Main Public Library, held our 5thannual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Celebration at the Main Library. The event was titled “American? Angel Island Immigrant Voices.” Because this year’s theme focused on the Angel Island Immigration Station, AIISF (Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation) was added as a cosponsor, along with the Square and Circle Club that showcased their members’ ancestors who were detained at the station. Students from AAS 510.01, 512.01, 512.02, and 512.03 worked year-round in 2016-17 on this APIA Biography Project as their Community Service Learning activity. They did research, drew detainee portraits, and created curricular activities on the history of the station at Angel Island, all of which were used to put together a public community-based event to commemorate APIA history and contributions. Their work is also available to K-12 teachers and students at no charge. A total of thirty students had volunteered at the event, and over 200 people showed up, 58 of them being children ages twelve and under. For more information about our APIA Biography Project and the annual APIA Heritage Month Celebration, contact Lorraine Dong and Jeannie Woo.