Aldrich Sabac


Aldrich Sabac

TEAM Charter: Third Grade Teacher
Little Manila Foundation: Ethnic Studies Teacher

M.A. in Education- UCLA

B.A. in Asian American Studies, SFSU, 2010


What was the best part of your experience in Asian American Studies at SFSU?

The best part of my Asian American Studies experience while at SFSU was my involvement and belonging to a community. On most days I felt like I lived in the Ethnic Studies & Psychology building. My classmates and professors were more than just colleagues, they were truly family. To this day I am still close to professors and classmates, many of which are life long mentors and great friends.

How would you describe your personal, academic and/or professional growth, during your time as an Asian American Studies major/minor at SF State?

I came to SFSU with no true plan and one purpose. I wanted to one day move back to my hometown of Stockton, CA, and serve my community. Prior to my time in AAS I was not a strong student academically. But learning about myself in AAS gave me a stronger understanding of myself, family, and community. My classes and professors awakened in me a passion to learn more about myself and the world around me. I became inspired to better understand the world in hopes of making it a better place. Today I do that as a teacher. 

What is something you learned in Asian American Studies at SFSU—a tip, a technique, a way of thinking—that you still use today?

Serve the community but also remember you are a member of the community. 

Finish this sentence:  In Asian American Studies at SF State, I discovered...

...ways in which I could be an asset to the community.

Who was your most influential SFSU Asian American Studies professor and why? 

I could not pick one, so I picked three. My three most influential AAS professors were Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Dan Gonzales, and Wesley Ueunten. Professor Tintiangco-Cubales inspired me to become a teacher, Professor Gonzales taught me to value all parts and sides of history, and Professor Ueunten taught me the importance of humility when serving the community.

What was your favorite Asian American Studies class at SFSU?

My favorite Asian American Studies class at SFSU was AAS 363: Philippine/Filipina/o American Literature.

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