AAS faculty & students present at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference

AAS faculty and students presented at the Association of Asian American Studies conference in Portland the following papers:


Arlene Daus-Magbual, Arman Liwanag, Bianca Louie, Jensine Carreon, Emily Enriquez, Jomarie Dela Pena, Andy Chan, Erina Alejo, Angelica Faustino, Alvin Gubatina, Allen Ocampo, Shannon Deloso, Creating a Community of Care: From TPAR to Praxis


Philip Cheng, The Non-Action of Asian/Asian American Sexualities


Wei Ming Dariotis, Care Work: The Invisible Labor of Asian American Women in Academia


Shannon Deloso and Leslie Do, Precariously Positioned: Asian American Women Students Negotiating Power in Academic Wonderland


Lorraine Dong, To Care and Be Cared: Elders in Asian American Children's Literature


Angelica Faustino, Caring for Saya: Searching for Joy in Children's Literature


Valerie Francisco, The Year of Love and Caring: Untangling the Emotional Landscapes of Family


Soojin Jeong, Migration and Marriage: Studying Korean Immigrant Picture Brides


Russell Jeung, Roundtable Discussion of At Home in Exile: Finding Jesus

among My Ancestors and Refugee Neighbors


Eunjae Kim, The In-Betweens: The Life of Korean International Students


Jonathan  Lee Confucian Queer Politics of Care: The New Epic of Filial Piety (Xiao)

Among Confucian American Communities


Bianca Louie, Queer Asian American Evangelical Young Adults: Coming Home at the Intersection of Contradictions


Renae Moua, Disrupting the Binary: Queer Hmong Studies and Indigenous Femme Critique


Simmy Makhijani,     Critical Lines of Care, BlackLivesMatter, and POC Feminist Queer Trans Solidarities - Roundtable


Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano, Pain + Love = Growth: The Labor of Pinayist Pedagogical Praxis

Allen Ocampo, A Critical Bite into Philippine Cuisine


Desun Oka, Caring to Remember: Roundtable on Comfort Women in the US


Eric Pido, Doing a Woman’s Job: Filipino Male Domestic Workers in Hong Kong


Katie Quan, Courage in Encouragement (enCOURAGEment): The Role of Team Sports in Asian American Children's Literature


Christen Sasaki, Politics of Care Under the “Republic of Hawai‘i”: The Thirty-Year Case of Manuel Reis


Anantha Sudhakar, The Brown Body and the Post-9/11 Bildungsroman: Feminist Self-Care in Bushra Rehman’s Corona


Nathaniel Tan, (Re)claiming Refugee Resistance: Asylum Seekers to Imprisoned


Wesley Ueunten, Older Okinawan immigrant women & Mutual Support


Wesley Ueunten, “What have they done to our songs?”


Grace J. Yoo and Arlene Daus-Magbual. Asian American & Pacific Islander Retention & Education

Grace Yoo, “Neither here, Neither there” Transnational Emotion Work of Chinese, Korean and Indian HB1 immigrants