AAS 301 - Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages

Issues concerning Asian Americans of mixed racial and ethnic heritages, focusing on mixed heritage identities in relation to their ethnic and cultural sensibilities. (Formerly AAS 550.)

First offered as AAS 550 in AY 1996-97, AAS 301 at San Francisco State University is one of the first Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage courses in the country. In Fall 2000, AAS Professor Wei Ming Dariotis was appointed to a first-ever tenure-track faculty position that is dedicated to the study of Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage. Students enrolled in the course have produced picture books about Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage that have been donated as a fundraiser at a Mixed Heritage and Transracial Adoptee Children’s Book Fair.


Mixed Heritage Book Fair 2009

Some students have “self-published” their works. Please check the following links for samples of their works: