The Asian American Studies instructional faculty consists of sixteen ladder-rank members and many lecturers. They are experts in Asian American Studies, and their professional qualifications represent a diverse range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary specialization—Asian area studies, education, ethnic studies, fine arts, gender studies, history, law, literature, public/community health, religious studies, and social and behavioral sciences (anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology, etc.).

Note: Year in parentheses indicates when faculty was first appointed either as lecturer or tenured/tenure-track track faculty.


Irene Faye Duller (2008)-MA in AAS, San Francisco State University

Stuart Fong (2016), M.D.  Ross University School of Medicine

Robert A. Fung, Esq. (1990)-JD, New College of California School of Law

Arcadi Kolchak (2016) - MPH,  San Jose State University

Simmy Makhijani (2016)-Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies

Jeremy Villaluz (2016)- MFA, San Francisco Art Institute

Jeannie Woo (2003)-MA in AAS, San Francisco State University


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