UWM Professor Peggy Choy speaks on Dance as a Vehicle for Social Change

Peggy Choy, an Assistant Professor of Dance and Asian American Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison, spoke this week to students enrolled  in AAS 218 Asian American Culture and AAS 875  Asian American Community Health.  Choy spoke on how dance can be a vehicle for social change.  She discussed her dance solos, “Wild Rice” and “Comfort Woman." With ethnic studies as her lens, she discusses how "Wild Rice" focused on the impact of iron mining upon the Oijbwe of Wisconsin, while “Comfort Woman” addressed the  memories of Japanese military sexual slavery during World War II.  She also discussed her works, "Hip Dance Homage to Muhammad Ali" and "THIRST”, a dance about African American guano miners on an island in the Caribbean in the 1890s.  Currently, Choy is touring and lecturing on the West Coast.   At the University of Wisconsin Madison, Choy teaches courses on Javanese Dance, Asian American Movement, and Afro-Asian Improv.