Professor Sue-Je Gage discusses the lives of Mixed Koreans

Professor Sue-Je Gage discussed the lives of Mixed Koreans


By David Ka Wai Pan

San Francisco, CA--On September 24th 2015, Professor Sue-Je Gage of Ithaca College gave a lecture titled "Almost Korean: The Realities of Amerasians in Korea" to students who were enrolled in AAS 360: Koreans in the United States. Her expertise is on the lives, histories and experiences of “mixed” Koreans known as Korean “Amerasians” in South Korea and in the United States, with whom she has worked since 2002. She also holistically explores how Amerasians as local, national and global citizens identify themselves and strategically use their identities to maneuver within Korean society, the United States and the globalizing world. 

Professor Gage began her presentation by introducing theoretical frameworks in Cultural Anthropology that was later used to examine the experiences of Amerasians in Korean society and their contemporary issues. She also discussed mixed Korean celebrities, like Hines Ward, who advocated for anti-discrimination laws in South Korea. She ended her lecture by answering questions about her personal life, as well as her work with mixed Koreans.

Later in the day she spoke to graduate students in Asian American studies on mixed race identities, science and health.

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