Professor Ben Kobashigawa retires after 30 years

Professor Ben Kobashigawa retired in June after 30 years of service to the department of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University.  

When asked what he felt were his contributions and lasting legacy to the department, Professor Kobashigawa responded with the following:

"I have had the privilege of perpetuating Japanese American Studies at SF State, especially the teaching of Japanese American history in the spirit of my predecessors, Edison Uno and Lane Hirabayashi, and my mentor Yuji Ichioka.  My place in the department’s history has been, I think, a transitional one, often serving as a bridge between the original activist founders and the new generation of community-based teachers and researchers in Asian American Studies.  In this role, I have had the opportunity to contribute in multiple ways to the survival and development of both Asian American and Ethnic Studies at SF State, always working collaboratively and productively with others in the college.  The most rewarding for me personally were the collective efforts involved in creating and managing the Masters programs, expanding the AAS curriculum, and hiring new faculty in the 1990s and contributing to bringing onboard a new program in Ethnic Studies as well as taking Japanese American Studies in new diasporic directions in the 2000s."          

Thank you Professor Kobashigawa for 30 years of teaching, scholarship and service in Asian Amerian Studies at SFSU.