Lisa Her honored as the Outstanding Asian American Studies Undergraduate

Lisa Her was honored at the Undergraduate Honors Convocation on Thursday May 26, 2016.  Lisa was honored as an outstanding Asian American studies undergraduate for her academic excellence and for her countless hours supporting the Asian American community both on and off campus.   Lisa was the department's first recipient of the Paul Whang Memorial Fellowship. She received this award for her internship and volunteerism at Cameron House. In Professor Eric Pido’s class, she volunteered as an Instructional Assistant. Lisa also devoted significant time serving the Department as a founding member of the Asian American Honors Society as well as participating in the Yellow Journal and graduation banquet committees. Since graduating this Fall 2015,  Lisa was asked to continue serving on the staff at the Cameron House, the organization where she devoted most of her volunteer work as an undergrad. Lisa hopes to continue her education in graduate school and eventually integrate what she has learned in Asian American studies as an executive director for a non-profit that serves the Hmong American community.