Congrats to our Summer 2015 M.A. Graduates

Congrats to our Masters of Arts in Asian American Studies Summer 2015 graduates.

Clark Bilorusky's thesis, "Policy and Practice: Bilingual Education at San Francisco's Filipino Education Center"  examines the role of bilingual education in the Filipino American community.

Joemar Clemente's thesis "The Emergence of a Filipino American Anti-Martial Law Movement, 1972-1974"  documents the anti-martial law movement of this time period.

Daphne Crane's thesis "Deconstructing Gender Binaries in Asian American Literature" critically analyzes the role of gender in Asian American Literature.

Yiting Deng's thesis, "Between Cultures: Chinese Immigrant Women's Experience in Higher Education,"  examines the experiences of Chinese immigrant women in college.

Dustin Hedani's thesis, "Identity-Ballin: J-League Basketball and Its Impact on Japanese American Identity," documents the meaning of J-League basketball on the yonsei, fourth generation Japanese Americans

Vincent Kwan's thesis  "Asian Americans and the Imposter Phenomenon" describes and analyzes the past and current experiences of the imposter phenomenon in educational settings among  college-aged Asian American students.

Fatima Orcino's thesis, "Caring for Those Who Care: The Experiences of Filipino American Caregivers,"  illustrates the meaning and experiences of Filipino American home care workers.