AAS Faculty Accomplishments, October - December 2015

AAS faculty accomplishments include the following for the month of October, November and December 2015

Mai Nhung Le and  Dale Maglalang,  AAS MA graduate student, published the article, "Unmet needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander Cancer Patients," in the Journal of Cancer Education. 

Jonathan Lee  publlished the edited volume Chinese Americans: The History and Culture of a People  by ABC-Clio .

Isabelle Pelaud​'s curated work has been featured in the exhibit, "A Place of her Own," at the SOMA Arts Center.  She has a recently published essay,  “Vietnamese Literature in the Diaspora.”  in The Cambridge History of Asian   American Literature by Cambridge University Press
Eric Pido​  published the article, "Property Relations: Alien Land Laws and the Racial Formation of Filipinos as Aliens Ineligible to Citizenship," in the Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies.   
Barbara Jane Reyes recently published her book, To Love as Aswang

Christen T. Sasaki and Jonathan Lee published Asian American History: Primary Documents of the Asian American Experience by Cognella Academic Publishing.

Anantha Sudakhar, Mai Nhung Le and Grace Yoo published the article,  Exploring Coping Strategies Among Young Asian American Women Breast Cancer Survivors, in the Journal of Cancer Education